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The Story

Inspired by the real events of 1856  ...and a few that might have happened.

The Vigilance of San Francisco is an epic musical with the heart of It's a Wonderful Life about political ambition, artistic jealousy, and the redemptive power of brotherly love. Story is based on the true events surrounding San Francisco’s unbridled citizen’s revolt of 1856 when a populist Vigilance Committee overthrew the government and turned San Francisco into an Orwellian dictatorship.

The Central action develops between two men who have never met each other: the Vigilance Committee’s emotionally repressed, entertainingly evil secretary, Hubert Nobcraft, and a respected judge, Ned McGowan, a handsome, urbane, bon vivant in his early 50’s, better loved for his romantic poetry than his recent decision which has many Vigilance Committee executives fuming about the authenticity of their land titles.

Consumed with a long suppressed jealousy, Nobcraft embarks on a propaganda campaign through the popular press to not only force Ned underground, where he loses everything, he transforms the judge into the most reviled, colorful, wanted fugitive ever to grace the annals of California history.

Perused like an animal by Committee goon squads, shameless opportunists and reward-crazed mobs, Ned encounters a string of colorful characters along the way, including the usual host of Spanish California's caballeros, señoritas and banditos (picture the California of Disney's Zorro) along with a cowardly general, a brave future general, a righteous bandito, a gun-toting Supreme Court justice, a penitent prostitute, and a little old nun at the crumbling Mission Dolores whose conviction, cunning, and fearless temper sees all the central characters unwittingly come together, each in disguise for ulterior motives, in a remarkable charade that changes hearts and, in the end, changes the tide of history.

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