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The Vigilance of San Francisco

An epic 3-part musical miniseries with a cinematic score, ensemble cast, and the heart of "It's a Wonderful Life," inspired by the forgotten yet incredible events of 1856...

  ...and a few that might have happened.

Sometimes the criminals are the heroes.

Log Line

A sensationalized political shooting sparks an explosive, authoritarian citizens' revolt, upturning the lives of an entitled judge and his disparate friends and plunging California into an Orwellian tyranny hell-bent on secession until a strange coincidence at the abandoned Mission Dolores involving an old, indomitable Spanish nun and all the major characters, each in disguise for ulterior motives, changes everything.


Recent comments...

"...just finished the script and absolutely loved it. Everything is on the mark: story, premise, every scene drives the next...has humor, an exciting action sequence...a great story. It reminds me too of what is happening today with men running amok with power, abuse...quite engrossing, a page turner waiting to see what the next event will bring. The characters are strong and women save the day. I think it is really good."   — Levie Isaacs, ASC & Treasurer Emeritus, American Society of Cinematographers BOD


"What makes this story so unique are the two unassuming women, one, a young, displaced opera singer, the other, an old Spanish Nun, whose unlikely friendship in Part I develops through contentious internal challenges in Part II that forge them into the heroines who save the state from certain self-destruction in Part III." — Patricia Schneider, Schneider Consulting


NOTE: Industry professionals are welcome to request a copy of the SCRIPT via email here. A list of CHARACTERS in order of their appearance can be downloaded here.

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